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It's true, where ever there is a mill, there's bound to be a mouse nearby...

pesky little mill mice

...and the population in my studio seems to be growing

NEW Lockdown Mice!

With Mask, Loo Rolls and a bottle
of Pinot Lockdown 2020. £45


Larder Raiders, above, Sold out

Each little character is unique, and can be commissioned to specific detail. Busy little beings, we have gardeners, cooks, ballet dancers, all sorts of musicians... a huge variety of personalities!

Standing at around 3inches tall, they are handmade using all natural wool fibres, and like to wear anything that includes velvet, ribbons, mother of pearl buttons, antique lace... pretty much anything they can pilfer from the studio


Whilst they are quite hardy little beings, they don't terribly like the rough and tumble of play with young children. Therefore they will snootily put themselves in the category of collectibles rather than toys. Prices from £45

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